kleos issue 4

The fourth Kleos issue is out! As always we are proud to present the work of starting scholars of (r)MA, PhD, and even BAlevel.

The papers included in the issue cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from gendered patterns in funerary practices of the Northwest‐European Corded Ware culture to the opportunities that present day collaborations between game developers and scholars of the ancient past can offer us.

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What is KLEOS?

KLEOS is a peer-reviewed, open access academic online journal, launched in 2014, which publishes current research and review articles by graduate and PhD students, as well as starting independent researchers, from the fields of archaeology and ancient studies (i.e. classics and ancient History). The journal is published once a year and its main goal is to provide a possibility to graduate and PhD students to publish their research. The journal thus mainly aspires to serve as a platform for starting academic careers, and help students and starting researchers to share their research, gain experience in publishing, and improve their scientific skills. At the same time the journal aims to provide an overview of the research being conducted within the fields of archaeology, ancient history and classics, and support the interdisciplinary dialogue between these adjacent academic disciplines.

The journal is an initiative of (R)MA and PhD students of the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The editorial team consists of an interdisciplinary  of seven (R)MA and PhD students (two editors from each main study field and one chief-editor). This editorial team is supported by an academic advisory council of professors  from the different disciplinary fields.

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